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Ciència en Societat, Barcelona, Spain
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for baccalaureate and secondary education

BCN, science pole

2018 Discover Science Centers

2018 on parks
Exporecerca. Cičncia en Societat Award

2018 Acknowledgment to Science Communication
Lichens of Barcelona

Lichens of Barcelona as indicators of environment quality
Obra de Cajal

2014 Science on stage
Trivia RYM: Research your Mind

2012 Do You Want to Play Scientific Trivia?

2012 Convivencias escolares de ciencia i gestión dialogada de conflictos
From Ashes to Shadow

2011 Workshop: How a Forest Regenerates after a Fire
Understand evolution

2009 Exhibition: Evolution theory and Darwin's llife
Trivia on Evolution: Evoluciona

2009 Test your knowledge about evolution
Biodiversity Treasure Game

2008 Discover Collserola's flora and fauna
All relatives, all different

2008 Discover what makes you equal and what makes you different to the other ones
Trivial del Medio Natural: Barrina't

2008 Descubre el patrimonio natural catalán jugando
Come to the Lab!

2008 Do You Want to See What Scientists Do?
Scientific Arguments for Coexistence

2007 Educational resources for high school students
Forestry Treasure Game

2006 How Forests Change Over Time; How Should We Study this Process?
2005 Treasure Game on the Ocean

There are No Borders in the Sea
Treasure Game on Genetics

2003 Build a Double Helix of DNA