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biology and evolution

BCN, science pole

2018 Discover Science Centers
Scientific Coffees

2009-2018 Popular talks
Eva i les àvies sàvies

2015 Curs: Una visió femenina de l'evolució
Treballs de la SCB

2014 (65) i 2015 (66)
Obra de Cajal

2014 Science on stage
Young Chef

2014 Learning about kitchen and nutrition
History of Science in Catalonia

2012 Articles (in Catalan)
Evolution's tale

2013 talk for kids
Omnis Cellula

2010-2012 Science Popularization Magazine
Trivia RYM: Research your Mind

2012 Do You Want to Play Scientific Trivia?

2012 Convivencias escolares de ciencia i gestión dialogada de conflictos
Science Festival

2011 Activities for the general public
Understand evolution

2009 Exhibition: Evolution theory and Darwin's llife
Darwin's orchid and butterfly

2009 Audiovisual project: Dr. Hélix answers
Evolution wings

2009 Workshop: An analogy of Darwin's evolution theory
Trivia on Evolution: Evoluciona

2009 Test your knowledge about evolution
Mirades entre ciencia y arte

2008 Tertulias de ciencia en la Virreina

2008 Poetry and science
All relatives, all different

2008 Discover what makes you equal and what makes you different to the other ones
You can also be a researcher

2008-2005 Publishing project
Come to the Lab!

2008 Do You Want to See What Scientists Do?
Scientific Arguments for Coexistence

2007 Educational resources for high school students
The Future[s] of Science

2007 Talks at Palau de la Virreina
Treasure Game on Genetics

2003 Build a Double Helix of DNA